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Things I’ve Been Getting Off On Lately

July 7, 2010

My search for Awesome Porn For Me has gone as usual, which is to say it’s gone like looking for a particular grain of sand on a beach. But there have been a couple of nice finds, particularly among people’s real experience. The stuff from people’s lives is in a lot of ways more satisfying than fantasy, because it actually happened, and therefore something like it can actually happen again (to me).

From Delilah Wood’s Advice and Consent:

The One Time I did – Part 1

The One Time I did – Part 2

I love to flog, but it’s the rare client that loves it like I do. It becomes clear, quickly, that he is one of these gems, and I go at him with a zen-like yet ever intensifying rhythm. I don’t know how long I stand there, swinging my right arm in figure-eights, harder and harder, watching his back redden and his muscles tighten and loosen, listening to him gasp and whimper and moan. Fuck. Now and then I ease off, rub his back with a cool hand, press my body into his back, my thigh against his ass, between his legs. I think, at one point, that I’ve gone too far, and I check in with him.

“Please,” he whispers as I hold my head next to his, run my nails down over his ass. “Please, more.” He doesn’t, can’t, look at me, but his body tells the whole story and it’s true. I back up and start swinging again, a few strokes to work back up to the level I’d stopped at, then harder and harder. He starts to shake, muscles spasming, hands clenching at the cuffs, and I can feel the energy flowing between us, the way his want draws the blows from me, the way I feel his need, the need I’ve so often felt myself, for just one more, one more, one more…

And then he breaks, and he’s sobbing, half-hanging from the dog-leashes and barely holding himself up. I stop swinging and move to him again, my arm wrapping up under his arm, around his chest, pressing his heart. My body against his back, feeling the waves of his tears passing through me. There is no shame here. Only release. Only love, in that strange sense that it can happen in one encounter, the true exchange between two people in a moment.

From a post by Delilah on Topologies:

All Those Sweet Reminders

And the way he opens himself to me is so complete that it nearly paralyzes me.


It is a truly beautiful thing to watch a piece of smooth, glistening steel disappear into a big hard cock, then have him push it out. A joy beyond reason to fuck a willing ass with a toy the texture and color of his skin until I come screaming. And an intimate and transcendent pleasure to fist him while we both do.

Axe‘s first gangbang:

My First Gangbang

My First Gangbang Part 2

She had me bent over a spanking bench, whispered to me something hot, sexy and loving and then slid her strap-on inside.

I was so nervous that it was difficult to relax and it hurt a bit. She distracted me by pulling my hair, whispering to me, spanking me and saying things that put me into a deeper mental subspace.

She went slowly at first, gliding herself in and making me open up to her, then she picked up the pace.

“Fuck his mouth”, I heard her say and the next thing I knew there was another woman in front of me wearing one of Sade’s harnessed cocks and shoving it into my mouth.

The funny thing about Axe’s story is the parts I found where I wanted more. It’s awesome to read a submissive man’s point of view on this experience, but being all fucked into subspace, he probably wasn’t aware of the exact shape of his mouth as he was fucked, the curve of his back on the bench, the pitch and timbre of his moans. And I wanted. To know. Interesting to look at the different perspectives of the same experiences.

A couple months ago I found An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride, in which “finding one’s sovereign sucking cock under tables” was done with surprising class. I liked another story by the same author in a collection called Phoenix Rising, but while there’s some cool genderfuck, there wasn’t enough d/s to really do it for me.

The other day found some pictures of Calico getting getting roped from a gallery of a The Art of Restraint event:

Calico and Monk

I am digging lace so much right now.

I like it when people look happy tied up. Of course, I also like it when they look very nervous.

Dude. Subspace. Whoooaa. (also from The Art of Restraint)

Some random candy from the collection:

Stretching, delicious lines.


Why this body type is called "plus-sized" is beyond me.

I refuse to actually pay kink dot com for anything, so I make do with the occasional thumbnail.

Looks like that orgasm hurt.

Stick bondage!

And of course, many gems from Male Submission Art.

Sweatshirt. Smile. Writhing.

Long hair. Back. Body language.

Aaand I'm ready!

My cunt loves this picture.

Growing up, this kind of reversal of stereotypical body positions was really formative for me.

The story I like to draw from this is a delicious blend of wildness, strength, and submission.

I'm with maymay: the contrast of forcefulness and willingness is HOT.

Multiple penetration and a mirror. Oh yes.

"And now I attack you with sex!" I don't actually remember if this was from Male Submission Art or not...

Crushing stereotypes for the WIN. Hot.

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  1. July 7, 2010 3:56 pm

    Hey, thanks for linking back to me – and for the rest of the awesome porn, of course! It’s nice to know that I’m being helpful. :)

  2. ranat permalink*
    July 7, 2010 4:01 pm

    I am happy to link, and to read!

  3. July 8, 2010 8:02 am

    I don’t actually remember if this was from Male Submission Art or not…

    It is. :)

  4. ranat permalink*
    July 8, 2010 1:24 pm

    Cool. :) It definitely seemed like it could have been, but occasionally I run across something like that from another source. And I was feeling way too lazy/overwhelmed by quantity to go scrounge original sources, even though normally that’s something I like to do.

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